The idea is to take care of the car.
About our company
Since 1998, we have been combining shops and service stations so that millions of people, when buying spare parts, can immediately install them on a car in one place.

We service and repair cars so that trips to the service become a rare thing.

We sell at a fair price and provide a guarantee for goods and services for your convenience and safety.
Our achievements
Reasons why millions of customers choose us
Years on the market
6 million
serviced cars
10 thousand
Companies trust us
Why us?
We carry out the work at any point
Transparency in business and financial resources
Control and adoption of corrupt schemes in the field
Payment by cash or non-cash payment
Opportunity to reduce income tax and VAT
Centralized document management
What spare parts can be purchased in the online catalog
The online store offers high quality car parts for cars from Japanese, German, French, Chinese and other manufacturers. Before the buyer there is an opportunity to order details for MOT, consumables, technical liquids, and also to get: elements of transmission, the engine, a body, brake system, a suspension bracket and other mechanisms.

As for the manufacturers of car parts, the following companies are in demand: Bosch, Delphi, Lemford, Hyundai. Also popular brands Profit, Champion, Mann and others. You can read more about the list of manufacturers, as well as get additional advice online. Every detail undergoes a full inspection before sale to the buyer, which guarantees the future owner the absence of counterfeiting. Also to save time on the sections of the site developed navigation, which provides speed when choosing. Contact the company by providing the VIN body number and the parts will be selected in strict accordance with those. machine parameters.
What are the dangers of worn and bald tires?
Causes of car breakdown
Timely replacement of obsolete consumables or parts with new ones will significantly reduce investment and help avoid costly repairs. The reasons for replacing auto parts can be:

wear of individual parts of the system;
improper mounting or adjustment;
the quality of the road surface;
load increase;
low-quality spare parts;
not replaced consumables in time.
When choosing parts for your favorite car, pay attention to their originality and quality. Auto parts are divided into the following types:

original - produced by the manufacturer;
non-original - produced by supplier plants, not tied to a specific car plant;
"Gray" spare parts for cars - not certified, can be produced in violation of technical conditions;
counterfeits - have only the external features of the original parts.


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